Imagine if 1, 2...5!! new clients appeared in your dashboard every day. 

It's absolutely possible with the Programs feature in Trainer Pulse.

Think of it like a digital version of a "complimentary session" - except instead of giving away your time, you give away a free sample program or challenge. 

You can use this a strategy to turn social media followers into clients.


See how it works with one of the in built challenges that's in your account.

Note: We just changed the name of "Programs" - it used to be called AutoCoach which is why the video says AutoCoach instead of Programs

Where can I post this link?

Anywhere your potential clients might see it: 

  • Facebook posts to your page (or groups)
  • Into Facebook ads
  • Your Instagram bio
  • Out read emails (or in your email signature)
  • Blog posts

Note: If you want to test it out for yourself post the link into your browser and put in your personal email (not your Trainer Pulse account email) & see how easy it is.

Do I have to giveaway programs?

No - you can create paid programs too.

Note: Just like face to face PT, giving away something of value first is the quickest way to start.

Are there any templates?

Sure is, your account has x4 programs you can use / sell as your own.

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