A landing page is a website that potential clients go to see your program

The principles you will learn apply to both free & your paid programs - if you follow the formula, you will create a buying frenzy!

(If you want to skip the info - scroll to the bottom for the 10 commandments of successful landing pages)

Let me explain using a supplement shop

Imagine you’re on your way to work - you’re in a bit of a rush. On the way you pass a supplement shop - & they have a crazy sale!

You walk in and everything is on sale, there are tickets everywhere, they have free samples, they're doing giveaways etc

You only have 5 mins…

What happens?

Well you might throw 1000 things into a basket really quick.

But more than likely...

There are so many things you want to do - you get overwhelmed, instead of buying something now, you think you’re better off coming back tomorrow when you have some more time…

Alternatively if the shop placed the WPI in the door way, had a big sticker on it for 40% off, chances are you would probably buy it.

Why does this happen?

There were no distractions, you didn’t have to make any other decisions, the shop made it easy for you... The same concept applies to landing pages.

Too often people have 1000 different options on a landing page - there are links to other pages, multiple messages, different buttons. The result… the user gets confused / distracted and does NOTHING!

To avoid that happening to you... you have to follow a set of rules.

After reviewing a GAZILLION landing pages I have created a checklist of "Must Dos" to ensure your page is successful.

Here are the 10 commandments for successful landing pages:

  1. The page has a single call to action e.g. "Buy Now" or "Get Your Copy Now"
  2. The call to action button stands out from all of the other elements e.g. It’s a different colour
  3. The are no visible links to other pages
  4. The page highlights a problem that the client is suffering from
  5. The page clearly defines how the product will solve the problem for the client
  6. The offer includes a risk-reduction strategy - E.g. 30 day money back guarantee
  7. The page has at least x1 testimonial (which mentions & overcomes one common objection)
  8. The text uses words and phrases that the client understands
  9. The text clearly defines why this product is unique
  10. Regardless of the product type, there is an image of the product
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