The Program feature is Trainer Pulse's - 4 Step Online Program Builder

Note: We just changed the name of "Programs" - it used to be called AutoCoach which is why the video says AutoCoach instead of Programs

Step 1: Pricing

Pricing Options - Free, One Time & Recurring


Free - Sample Program, Mini-Challenge
One Time - Fat Loss Program, 8 Week Lean Muscle Plan
Recurring - Ongoing Coaching

Step 2: Content

This is the information your client receives as part of the program. Here you can upload files, videos, images and links.

You can also choose how you want the information delivered e.g. every day, every 2nd day or even every week.

Step 3: Sales Page

This is the webpage your clients sees your program.

The page builder requires no coding skills - everything is drag & drop

Step 4: Publish

Choose the program URL & assign it to current clients

Note: The program must be published before clients can see it.

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