Note: We just changed the name of "Programs" - it used to be called AutoCoach which is why the video says AutoCoach instead of Programs

This feature allows you to create & deliver coaching programs automatically.

What kind of stuff can I do with it?

Example 1 - Welcome Pack

This might be a free program all of your new clients get. 

You could include:

  • Pre recorded welcome video  
  • Client / trainer contract
  • Cancellation policy
  • Nutrition tips
  • Fat loss recipes

The list is endless

Example 2 - Sell your 8 Week Challenge

So you want to start running challenges? And start getting paid for your programs

You can create your program once, package it into different modules, create your sales page (no tech skills needed) & then deliver it, all from within Trainer Pulse.

It might look like this:

Week 1 - Module 1

  • Full body training program
  • 2200 cal nutrition plan
  • Nutrition education video part 1

Week 2 - Module 2

  • Pull / push training program
  • 1800 cal nutrition plan 
  • Nutrition education video part 2

You can add as many modules as you like - you can also add as much info as you want.

Example 3 - Deliver nutrition education package

Want to give each client a 10 part nutrition series?

You can do that too (you can make it free or paid)

All you have to do is add your information and then let it get delivered automatically.

You can add all sorts of media:

  • Embed video files
  • Add text
  • Attach files
  • Include your nutrition or training templates

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