It's an automated survey which gets sent to all of your active clients. We have found it to be extremely helpful at boosting client accountability.

Better client accountability = better client results & more raving fans.

How does my client access the review?

A link will become available at the top right hand corner of their dashboard 

With the title "Fill out weekly review here"

How do I access my the reviews?

Click on the "Weekly Review" tab at the top

You can show reviews only from previous week or see all reviews

What questions are on the review?

There are 10 questions.

The first 5 cannot be changed as they affect the automated chart features, however questions 6-10 a customisable by choosing the "settings" button from the weekly review tab.

The default questions are:

1. What was your weight this morning?

2. How disciplined was your nutrition this week?

3. How hard did you train this week?

4. How good was your sleep this week?

5. How good was your mood this week?

6. What is one thing you did really well last week?

7. What is one thing you can do better next week?

8. What did you learn about training or nutrition this week?

9. Do you have any training or nutrition questions for your coach?

10. Is there anything more your coach can do help you achieve better results?

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