Here are 3 ways to link Trainer Pulse to your website

= > 1. Link directly to coaching page

You can create an online coaching program within Trainer Pulse, copy the link and add it to your coaching page.

Why would you do that?

As soon as a client clicks on your program, they get asked for their credit card details, you get paid instantly and then they get direct access to your coaching material - all WITHOUT you having to lift a finger

= > 2. Link to a giveaway

Using a giveaway on your website is the quickest way to turn visitors into leads!

One of the templates built into your account is a "10 part nutrition masterclass" which you can easily link to your website and start gathering leads today.

Another option is to use a "free challenge" as your giveaway - they work really well too, there are several challenge templates built into your account that you can use.

= > 3. Have a client login link on your site

Instead of sending clients to Trainer Pulse to login, you can simple add a "client login" link to your site, so they never have to leave.

Resources mentioned in the video:

  1. Fiverr 
  2. Thrive Leads
  3. Sumo Me
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